Architecture is well-being, is atmosphere, is technology and grows out of context.

The context in which we like to work is urban, and therefore often renovation. The location, orientation, and structure of the existing building are an important source of inspiration for us.

[renovation, urban living, small-scale living, group accomodation]

We look for the atmosphere in light, warmth, tangibility, a refined detailing and choice of materials. The structure, space, and furniture together form a whole. Architecture is experienced and expresses people’s own experience.

[interior, atmosphere, custom made]

Well-being comes from comfort, ease of use, the right proportions for daily use. That is why we listen carefully to how that happens now, but we also think about how that can happen in the future.

[universal design, lifelong living, assisted living]

Technology and aesthetics closely coincide during our design process. The technical detail is included from the beginning so that refinement becomes constructible and solid.

[construction, technique, sustainability]

We design on a scale of the site, the building and the body.

That is why we are (Full) Scale Architects.